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When someone owns an antique as a prized possession, it is usually an item that meant a great deal to him or her while growing up or is reminiscent of a bygone era.

In addition, it is typically not used for fear of breaking or harming it in some way, which would distract from its sentimental value as an antique.

However, for 45-year-old Stockbridge resident Ron Miller, one of his most prized possessions predates him by 20 years, but he uses it just about every weekend.

The married father of two boys is the proud owner of a fully restored, and operational, Meadowbrook automobile which he helped rebuild.

It was the pride of Dodge dealerships when it came off the assembly line in 1950.

A resident of Henry County for 14 years, Miller is a member of the Cane Creek Cruisers classic automobile club.

In addition to driving that restored Dodge Meadowbrook as part of that organization, he is also restoring a Chevrolet Skyline Deluxe, circa 1952.

Miller said his love of classic cars dates back to his childhood, when he started rebuilding toy models of these automobiles.

He has joined five other members of the club who live in his same neighborhood, including Frank Hicks of Stockbridge.


From left, Frank Hicks, who is in the Cane Creek Cruisers classic automobile club, and Ron Miller of Stockbridge relax by Hicks’ fully restored 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne.

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