Halifax trio get creative to build snowman nearly as high as a house – Nova Scotia

His nose is a pylon, his eyes are hockey pucks and if he ever magically came to life his arms would be almost two metres long. Meet Halifax’s biggest snowman, Chubby.


“He ended up with the bottom ball ending up with a bit of a spare tire,” said one of his creators, Stephen Flynn, who explained they came up with the name on a whim after being asked in previous media interviews.

Chubby’s eyes are hockey pucks, his nose is a pylon and his scarf is a swath of fabric from Fabricville. (CBC)

Flynn, Cobie McFallon and Mike Postma spent 12 hours on Sunday building a 4.5-metre-high snowman that took advantage of all the snow Nova Scotia received last week in back-to-back storms.

The snowman was built for the YouTube channel This Weekend, hosted by Flynn and McFallon, who simply try to find cool things to do each weekend and create packaged videos about their adventures. It was their friend Postma’s idea to build the snowman, though, and it’s his property where Chubby lords over Connolly Street.

Made by snowblower

The snowman was made by catching the snow flying from a snowblower with a tarp (held by people being pummelled on the other side) until the snow was high enough to sculpt into a snowman-like shape. A 60-centimetre-wide ball was carried up a ladder to act as the beginnings of the head.

The snowman includes a giant custom “scarf” purchased from a Fabricville bargain bin, chair stoppers for a mouth, 1.8-metre-long branch arms and some detritus from Postma’s garden standing in as a cowlick of sorts. 

Chubby’s shape will be maintained if more snow arrives. (CBC)

Flynn said Chubby may grow, if the weather stays cold.

“If we do get any more snow, we’ll continue to shape it as it grows outward,” he said.

Flynn says he expects to have the snowman video up on the This Weekend channel this Friday.

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