Hack Wall shares his love of music through private studio

by: CONOR HUGHES, Index-Journal

WATERLOO, S.C. (AP) – Hack Wall doesn’t care what it’s called.

Blues, heavy metal, gospel, country, beach music – none of that matters to him.

When it comes to music, there’s only one thing that’s important to Wall.

“I want the bass to move the hair on my legs. I wanna feel it,” he said. “I’m not a show off, I’m not a hot dog. I just like to boogie and have fun, feel it and make it happen.”

Wall, 72, first picked up the bongos in the early 1960s as a high school student in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but it wasn’t until he went to Gardner-Webb University in Charlotte that he bought his first drum set.

“It was just a matter of some guys in the dorm had guitars, there was about five of them and they needed a drummer, so I said, ‘Shoot, let me try.’ So I went to the pawn shop in Shelby and got me a cheap set of drums, and that’s where it all started,” he said. “I had a little rhythm and it looked exciting. It turned out to be pretty good.”

With that began a love affair with music. Through what Wall describes as a “day job” with Jushi U.S.A. – a Chinese-based fiberglass manufacturing company – and as a private contractor, Wall funded his hobby as a musician. He’s always been fascinated with recording and sound editing and over the years, he accumulated enough equipment to form a small recording studio – and that’s just what he did.

At his home in Waterloo – which sits on a 52-acre plot of lakefront property – Wall has assembled a fully equipped…

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