Green Day plays upbeat “unity” show at Joe Louis Arena

DETROIT — There was an odd symmetry between Green Day’s concert on Monday night, March 28, at Joe Louis Arena and its previous visit five months earlier at the Fillmore Detroit.

Both shows were on Monday nights, providing an exuberant punk rock antidote to any post weekend malaise. And both were impacted by health issues; The October show was actually a make-good for date that was postponed due to an illness that affected the band and crew, while on Monday Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told the 13,000 at Joe Louis that he was suffering with “a bit of disease in my chest.”

But Armstrong soldiered through and, along with his bandmates, delivered exactly what we’ve come to expect from Green Day — a raucous rock ‘n’ roll carnival that started on 10 (maybe even 11, for you Spinal Tap fans) and rarely let up as the group tore through 27 pyrotechnic-laced songs in two-hours and 20 minutes. As is Green Day’s, wont it was enormously entertaining, a buoyant celebration, mosh pits and crowd surfing included, despite the anger voiced in some of the group’s songs — and during Armstrong’s onstage rants.

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While the previous show was two weeks before the presidential election and merited only cursory mention then, Armstrong had plenty to say on Monday. Urging fans to “rise up!” during the politically charged “Holiday,” Armstrong shouted for “No racism! No Sexism! No homophobia! And no (expletive) walls!” But he later added that, “We’re here tonight for something called unity. I”m so sick to death of seeing all the lies…Tonight we’re together to find some truth…We will not be divided by a bunch of guys in suits trying to come between us as American citizens.”

All of that certainly played well to the Joe Louis crowd — as did a direct epithet to President Donald Trump at the end of…

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