Green and White Game Preview: Offense

Michigan State’s yearly Green and White Spring Football Game is this Saturday. Normally, there would be a lot to get excited about, especially coming off of a disastrous season like the one they had last fall. But with legal issues looming over the program, optimism has been dampened a bit.

Mark Dantonio did address the media this week, but didn’t say a whole lot beyond that his program is taking the investigation very seriously. Whether you think he handled the timing of the presser well or not, you can’t be shocked by the lack of substance or his unwillingness to name names.

Unfortunately for Dantonio, there is only so much he can do short of canceling the game, which he already said will not happen. Come Saturday at 3pm, fans will be able to see who is playing and who is on the sideline for themselves. The speculative fires will be stoked and names will be smeared, despite the fact that not all those in street clothes will be that way because of a connection with the investigation. It’s unfair to those kids, but this is the route the program has chosen to take, for better or worse.

For this exercise, however, we are not going to speculate as to who is or is not involved in the investigation. We’re simply going to write about what we know.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the offense.

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Favorite: Brian Lewerke (RS Soph)

Competition: Damion Terry (RS Sr), Messiah deWeaver (RS Fr)

Departures: Tyler O’Connor

Year one post-Connor Cook was rough.

Tyler O’Connor came into the year as the starter and everyone (your author included) thought he would build upon the success he had on the road against Ohio State the year before. Instead, the universe said NAH.

It wasn’t all his fault, far from it, but 2016 was a disaster. O’Connor struggled to complete passes with pressure in his face (which, in fairness, was A…

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