As President Trump begins a foreign trip, the investigation continues stateside into possible interference into Trump’s campaign by Russian officials. 

That probe is being handled by FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe and recently appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who served as the FBI Director for 12 years. 

“They will solve this case.  And I will bet you right now – it’s not going to take two years to figure this one out,” said Charles McCormick, a former FBI special agent, who spoke highly of both McCabe and Mueller. 

McCormick served in the FBI from 1970-2000 – the “two years to figure this one out” reference is a nod to Watergate, the scandal that forced President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974. 

He described how FBI agents handle such investigations. 

“They’re investigating the acts that occurred. And thru those investigations of the acts themselves, is when they will begin to identify subjects and suspects,” said McCormick. 

While McCormick noted that attorneys could delay possible proceedings, he noted that as more information leaks out, people are typically more willing to speak with authorities. 

“When you’re dealing with a wide conspiracy, eventually there are those who run out of intestinal fortitude, they begin to think about themselves – their future,” said McCormick. 

He said cases of this magnitude have a unique designation within the department. 

“When we have a big case like this in the FBI, we call it a ‘special.’  Because everybody who is assigned to it drops whatever else they were working on…