Five Strategies for Coping with Your Android 4.0 Tablet Apps


Today, Android 4.0 Tablet has grown to be an alternative choice to heavier, thicker mobile computing or netbooks. Equipped with the Android Operating-system, these tablets provide you with many helpful and interesting apps for easier computing. However, some apps might not perform not surprisingly and could result in some disappointment. Below are great tips and ideas to cope with your Android tablet apps.

1. Operate GPS without Internet connectivity

You normally have to be attached to the Internet to activate the GPS services of all Android tablets. Although some tablets might support offline Google Maps, Mapquest, or any other mapping apps, another tablets simply don’t permit this. With this, you will have to download and cache all of the expected map routes that you’ll require before you decide to break the Wi-Fi connection. Among the recommended apps that performs this is Locus…


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