Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) Enhances INFOGUARD Program

Ensure Quality Images

Demonstrate and Promote Your Investment in Quality

Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) announces that its longstanding INFOGUARD Quality Assurance Program will now feature new INFOGUARD certifications to acknowledge and differentiate participating labs.

By using quality products and adhering to strict quality processes and testing, participating labs can receive INFOGUARD Archive Writer Certification for Archive Writing services, and/or INFOGUARD Processing Lab Certification for film processing and duplication services. INFOGUARD Certified labs have demonstrated that they are making the investment in products and procedures to comply with all of the comprehensive INFOGUARD Quality Assurance programs. Writing and processing steps are closely monitored by the experts at EPM’s Quality Assurance Laboratory to help guard against film writing and processing variations so customers can get the full value of their film images.

“It’s important that customers have a quality benchmark when selecting a lab to handle their microfilm image writing and processing” notes Howard Schwartz, Director of the EPM INFOGUARD Program. “The new Processing and Archive Writing certifications are a way for customers to have confidence that the lab they are choosing has invested in the highest quality materials and procedures, and are part of an ongoing review.”

INFOGUARD certifications are available to internal company film writing and processing labs, as well as commercial bureaus. EPM also offers its own film writing and processing lab services to customers directly or through its network of distribution partners.

Superior microfilm processing, quality control, and other important factors can ultimately result in…

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