DVIDS – News – MARADMIN 133/17 makes career planning a requirement

The MARADMIN applies to both appropriated and non-appropriated fund employees on base.

IDP’s are tools for communication between the supervisors and employees to help assist workers in planning short and long-term career and personal development goals that will be reassessed with each employee’s performance reviews and plans as they are met.

The document lists the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, competency needs and proficiency levels, performance goals and responsibilities, as well as career development opportunities and learning resources.

“It gives the employees more visibility with management,” said Charles Molden, the Deputy Director of the Civilian Human Resources Office. “We have a better informed workforce that’s more productive, giving us the talent we need to accomplish the mission.”

Molden added that all appropriated fund employees without IDP’s must establish one no later than June 1, 2017 using the MyIDP module in the Total Workforce Management Services system.

According to the MARADMIN, non-appropriated fund employees are to complete a Learning Development Plan, or LDP, using Ethos. Ethos is an online Learning Management System for Non-Appropriated Fund Employees.

Mona Dodd, Marine Corps Community Services Human Resources Director, said the new LDP system will make career and personal goal tracking easier for the 1,802 NAF employees aboard Camp Pendleton.

“I would encourage employees to get familiar with Ethos now if they haven’t already,” said Dodd. “It’s a very innovative system and it presents great opportunities.”

The LDP will be implemented nation-wide by fiscal year 2018.

For employees with no computer access, hard-copy IDP’s and LDP’s are available with supervisor approval, or supervisors can create and sign IDP’s in TWMS or LDP’s in Ethos. The hard-copies must be maintained and copies must…

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