Durst of ‘The Jinx’ HBO series faces more testimony in murder case | Reuters

By Phoenix Tso

LOS ANGELES An old friend of Robert Durst, a real estate icon tied to slayings explored in HBO’s series “The Jinx,” acknowledged on the witness stand on Friday in Los Angeles that he has been inconsistent in describing what he called Durst’s private confession to murder.

Nick Chavin, 72, a New York advertising executive who was a longtime friend of Durst, returned to the witness stand a day after testifying Durst told him that he killed mutual friend Susan Berman in 2000.

Prosecutors have asserted Durst killed Berman because of what she knew about his wife’s unsolved disappearance in 1982.

Chavin testified on Thursday that in late 2014, outside a New York restaurant, Durst said he killed Berman. “I had to. It was her or me. I had no choice,” Durst said, according to Chavin.

An attorney for Durst in cross-examination on Friday suggested Chavin had earlier described the conversation differently.

The attorney presented a transcript of Chavin’s interview by Los Angeles prosecutors in April 2015, less than a month after Durst was charged with first-degree murder for Berman’s 2000 execution-style shooting in Los Angeles.

In that earlier interview, Chavin said Durst had “mumbled something” outside the restaurant and that he “couldn’t put together what that was.”

Chavin acknowledged on Friday he had not wanted to be transparent with authorities at the time.

“What I should’ve said is I didn’t want to tell you (prosecutors) about it,” Chavin testified.

Chavin said Thursday that Berman had confided to him decades before that Durst admitted to her that he killed his wife, Kathleen Durst, when the couple lived in New York.

Durst, 73, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in Berman’s death. He also has denied having anything to do with the disappearance of his wife, whose body was never found. He was not charged in that probe.

Durst’s ties to both cases, and his 2003…

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