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Prior Lake-Savage Area School District leaders, administrators and staff greeted a nearly full house of community members at the District Services Center on Tuesday. It was the last scheduled public input session on the district’s facilities plans. With schools filling up and enrollment still on the rise, the district is trying to find a plan that the public will support.

“Thank you again for coming out here on such a beautiful evening and sharing your thoughts and ideas with us,” Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board Chair Richard Wolf said. He said little else for the rest of the evening. Board members are steering clear of the facilities process until they’re asked to vote on an option later this spring.

Unlike its predecessors, this input night revealed a few changes to the district’s options. The $223-$246 “comprehensive campus” option was removed from the list. The plan would have renovated the existing middle schools for elementary school and office usage, moved middle-schoolers into the existing high school and built a new high school with the ability to eventually accommodate 4,000 students. Assistant Superintendent Jeff Holmberg explained that public feedback on that option found it too expensive and too drawn out to address the district’s immediate space problems. Some also had concerns about the large high school and middle school campuses associated with the plan.

The other original options were still available: two elementary plans and two secondary plans, with the intent that the public choose one of each. The elementary options included a $46-51 million option that would include a centralized pre-K program, and a $49-54 million option that would set up multiple pre-K spaces in neighborhood schools. The secondary options included a plan to add space to the existing schools for $79-87 million, and a plan to…

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