Different Types of Massage Therapy Courses Offered

Those who are interested in attending massage therapy classes, be it for a hobby or for a career, will find that there are numerous ways to learn the profession. Massage schools offer students technical, hands-on training courses, while some local tech colleges and vocational schools will also offer massage therapy classes.

The process of deciding which massage therapy classes are right for you can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true if you are looking at making a career out of massage therapy. Is a traditional massage school best, or a two year college program? Maybe a massage school that specializes in the Asian techniques of massage therapy would be better.

Conventional Massage Therapy Courses

Students taking conventional massage therapy courses focus more on human anatomy and kinetics as well as pathology (the study of disease). Different massage techniques are also looked at and students will learn how these modalities are practiced.

After just a few classes, students will start practicing massage techniques on their peers. Within a few weeks, students will start performing public massage sessions. Many schools have a student clinic, which allows students to schedule appointments either outside of the school environment or inside the school’s clinic.

Outside sessions are typically carried out on the student’s own time. Typically, students can schedule student clinic hours any day of the week. Times will vary according to the school’s hours and whether or not an instructor will be available to supervise. Certain states require that massage therapy students must perform their sessions inside of the school clinic and with a certified or licensed instructor overseeing the appointment.

Students will be required to complete a certain number of hours learning in a classroom environment. They will also have to perform a set number of massages either per week or month and a set number of massage sessions for each modality. Additionally, students may have…

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