‘Didn’t do it’ right from onset: Is Porzingis blaming Hornacek?

A word that surfaced a lot in recent Knicks conversations was “consistency” — as in the lack of consistency helped caused the team to stink for much of the season.

And to Kristaps Porzingis there also was a lack of fundamentals, both offensively and defensively. Whether Porzingis was faulting the coaching staff or not, only he knows, but he stressed too often the Knicks tried to rely on talent.

“We didn’t do it from the beginning the right way,” Porzingis said after official playoff elimination slapped the Knicks in the face through a 105-88 blowout by Miami at the Garden on Wednesday. “We didn’t have real fundamentals as a team and I think from the beginning it worked for us because we played based off our talent and based off good energy. Once things got a little tougher, we just didn’t have the fundamentals as a team.”

Or enough talent. Porzingis, like the Knicks, failed to meet expectations. Following an impressive rookie season, Porzingis was many times mediocre through the season. But mediocre still was better than the 28-47 inconsistent disaster the Knicks became. Look at the two games before Friday’s Heat rematch in Miami.

On Monday, the Knicks were terrific on both ends and walloped Detroit. On Wednesday, they couldn’t stop a sneeze on defense or break 90 on offense.

“It’s kind of been like that a big portion of this year. The consistency,” coach Jeff Hornacek said.

Porzingis said he saw the lack of fundamentals “both” offensively and defensively. Obviously, on one end — the offense — the Knicks stressed the triangle more in the later stages of the season and any resulting confusion came after lottery participation was pretty much certain. Still, Porzingis welcomed recent Hornacek dialogue suggesting adherence to fundamentals next training camp.

“Obviously, that’s what we needed to do this year and we didn’t do that. We kind of learned some things but not like fully from zero to 100, you…

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