Dave Ramsey says: Teaching a teenage son about giving wisely


Dave Ramsey answers questions about a teenage son who wanted to give money to the nursery at church and advice from friends about settling rather than paying off credit card debt.

Dear Dave,

Our son is 13, and he wants to give half the money he received for his birthday to the nursery at our church. They need new baby toys and things like that. Should we let him give that much, or should we tell him that maybe 25 percent is enough?

— Kyle

Dear Kyle,

I hope you’re proud of this kid. He’s got a good heart, and it’s probably a reflection of the way his mom and dad are raising him. I like this a lot.

I would very gently, and without any commanding or control verbiage, use some examples from the Bible when talking to him. There are several things to be learned about money from scripture, and the concepts of generosity and giving are in there. There’s also a verse that says we need to take care of our own households first. Another one says in the house of the wise are stores of food and oil.

We need to do all of these things with money — in balance. Thoughtfully and prayerfully decide what your giving amount will be, so that you don’t destroy your ability to save and do other important things….

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