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Coquille Martial Arts held its spring youth tournament May 6 in Coquille, drawing students from schools in Eugene, Gold Hill and Coos Bay.

Ryan Woolard, a 14-year-old from Gold Hill, took home the grand champion sword set in a four-way runoff that also included Matthew Forgey of Bandon, Zeno Zielanka of Springfield and Airian Hascup of Gold Hill.

Event coordinator Karen Saxton pointed out that tournaments give each competitor a chance to shine in his or her best event. That was perhaps best shown in the 4-6 category, where Angie Curren, Shawn Plaggman and Zeke Forgey each took one first-place event.

Students from all three of Coquille Martial Arts’ schools, in Coos Bay, Bandon and Coquille, all performed well.

For more information on the school, visit either or the school’s Facebook page.

Coquille Martial Arts results:

Lauren Reichland, 14, Coquille, beginner, third sparring.

Peyton Simonds, 10, Bandon, advanced, first forms, second weapons, second sparring.

Matthew Forgey, 11, Bandon, beginner, first forms, first weapons, second sparring.

Andrew Keeler, 10, Bandon, beginner, second forms, second weapons, second sparring.

McKinley Warncke, 10, Myrtle Point, intermediate, second forms, second weapons, first sparring.

Logan Curran, 9, Coquille, third forms, fourth sparring.

Evan Combie, 9, Coquille, fourth forms, first sparring.

Donald Brice, 7, Coos Bay, intermediate, first forms, third sparring.

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Jackson Simonds, 7, intermediate, second forms, second sparring, second weapons.

Sam Forgey, 8, Bandon, beginner, first weapon, third traditional.

Levi keeler, 8, Bandon, beginner, third weapons, third sparring.

Safaa Dimitri, 8,…

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