Concord University, Mercer County Schools sign articulation agreement | The State Journal

Concord University and Mercer County Schools are teaming up so high school students can earn college credits in business courses before they get their diplomas.

The articulation agreement, signed Feb. 22, provides students with the opportunity to enter Concord to pursue a four-year business degree with up to 12 credit hours in their pockets before they even start.

Officials from both schools were on hand for the signing.

Concord University President Kendra Boggess said in a news release announcing the signing that they’re pleased to offer high schoolers the opportunity to jump-start their college courses of study.

“These bright students are making great use of their study time in high school in order to be prepared for successful experiences in higher education and their eventual careers,” Boggess said.

Mercer County Schools Superintendent Deborah S. Akers called it a “great opportunity” for her students, saying it “also provides us an assurance that our programs are on target in providing a quality program for our students.”

“It is a ‘win-win’ situation for Mercer County Schools as well as Concord University,” Akers added.

Susan Robinett, chair of Concord’s Division of Business, said the program offers students “a gateway to higher education” while allowing the college to “work with and educate a new…

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