Comparing and Contrasting Inkjet and Laserjet Printers

There are essentially two types of printers–laser printers or inkjet printers. Really, there are more, such as impact printers, but most consumers in the home opt between the aformentioned types. So, if you are looking for a new printer for use in your home, then please– keep reading! Now I will explain the pro’s and con’s of the two.

Laser Printers’ Advantages

Laser printers print faster than inkjets. They also “draw”, or “print” the characters more precisely, meaning the print job comes out cleaner with less chance of ink smearing. The saying “you get what you pay for”, in this instance, holds true. A laser printer truly is just a better printer. Therefore, it is more expensive than an inkjet printer so I will refer to this again in the “disadvantages” section about laser printers. Still talking about price however, while the laser printer itself is more expensive, the laser toner is cheap and long-lasting. Lots of offices use lasers because they don’t have to replace the toner a lot. In recent years, prices of laser printers have gone done a lot, so now they are affordable not just in the office anymore.

Inkjet Printers’ Advantages

Inkjets cost less than lasers. I actually was just recently in the market for a cheap printer. So if you are in the market for just a plain type of printer, then maybe you should go with the inkjet. Today’s inkjet printers usually are of good value.

Laser Printers’ Disadvantages

Laser printers are sometimes large. So, if your office…

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