Communication skills importance in the corporate world

Apart from other required skills to survive and grow in the corporate world, communication skills are an inseparable part of it. The advancement of technology and office automation leap has it’s own important role to play but the importance of good and effective communication skills can’t be denied. Be it any workplace situation- whether making phone calls or face to face presentation or interaction, sending office memos or emails, a person has to constantly express his ideas and opinions or decisions.

We can see it from the stand point of soft skills and hard skills. Hard skills are the skills attained from educational qualification and technical knowledge. Where as soft skills are those required skills which determine your success at your work place more than your hard skills. Soft skills is consists of Body language, interpersonal skills and communication skills. Research shows that soft skills or communication skills contribute upto 85% of a person’s professional success while hard skills account for a mere 15%. Your first impression that people make through your verbal (speech) and non verbal communication (dress, appearance and eye contact) may not necessarily be your last impression but it surely leaves lasting impression on a person’s mind.

In today’s arena, effective communications are in huge demand. From a peon to a senior executive, communication skills are a must. At times your hard skills can be compromised but there’s no compromise on soft skills or good communication skills. This has also toughen the selection process at many places. Highly qualified candidates with poor communication skills get rejected everywhere. The arrival of MNC culture has made it made it difficult for people with poor communication skills to either remain unemployed or to serve low positions.

Good speakers are generally perceived to be more knowledgeable and well-informed than others. Public speaking is one important method which helps people acquire…

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