Coming soon to the Carnegie Music Hall stage: Boxing

The Carnegie Library of Homestead Music Hall has welcomed hundreds of concerts, plays and community events in its 119-year history.

But on Friday night, the 1,000-seat venue will stage something it’s never done before: a night of boxing.

The event, called “Bringing Pittsburgh a Night of Fights,” will feature eight fights, with pro boxers from around the Pittsburgh area and beyond facing off in a boxing ring on center stage.

“We’re trying to get back to old-school boxing because Pittsburgh is an old-school town,” said Caitlin McKelvey, one of the event’s organizers. “The hall is historical. It’s beautiful.”

It also offers the rare combination of ample capacity and affordability that Ms. McKelvey and event co-organizer Mike McSorley wanted. Finding an affordable venue that can hold more than 500 fans isn’t easy, Mr. McSorley said.

Friday night’s venue checks both of those boxes and, just as importantly to Mr. McSorley, boasts an unorthodox environment for boxing.

“The architecture, the high ceilings, the ornate carvings throughout the whole theater … those are just things that the boxing community is not really used to,” Mr. McSorley said. “It has much more of a classic feel to it than anything.”

Tickets for the event start at $25 and can be purchased at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m.

The music hall is a part of the bigger Carnegie Library of Homestead facility, which houses a library of more than 34,000 volumes and an athletic club, complete with a gym.

That gym played host to a few boxing matches two decades ago, according to Carol Shrieve, the library’s director of administration.

So when Ms. McKelvey and Mr. McSorley reached out to Ms. Shrieve about having the library hold a boxing event, she naturally suggested the gym as a typical boxing locale, with a ring in the center and fans on all four sides of the ring.

That standard configuration — described as “cookie-cutter” by Mr. McSorley…

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