COFFEE TALK WITH GOD: Seek First His Kingdom | Opinion

Teenage years are weird. It doesn’t matter what decade you’re growing up in, hormonal changes, society and independence from parents — finding self is affected by so many outside and internal forces.

When I began retreating into my bedroom to find my internal self, I didn’t seek out romance novels to read. I found the white leather Bible my mother’s parents gave me at some life turning point. It had never been opened. I had been to church all my life but never really read the Bible. 

The first scripture that jumped off the page at me, and confirmed later in life as the Holy Spirit, inspired understanding or conviction, was “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you,” Matthew 6:33.

Like the mountain the nation of Israel kept walking 40 years trying to get to the promise land, these words always remind me of priorities when my focus gets off skew. 

Because God has spoken so clearly at times and exhibited His presence in my life so openly, when life seems to be moving along without those magnanimous moments, I start to wonder, “Am I walking in his favor?” Then something small happens and I’m no longer in doubt, like this morning.

For some reason the day before I was walking on the patio and observed the hummingbird feeders that had been left hanging all summer. The ants were crawling on one, the other had more fluid but not appealing. The thought crossed my mind to take them down and make them accessible to the tiny birds I love to watch. I dismissed the thought believing the season was not right for their travels.

As I write this, in the morning with coffee before heading to an interview, I notice a tiny bird flying in the yard. It first went to the crawling ant feeder, then the unappealing fluid and back to the ant feeder. I jumped up immediately,…

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