Cibolo woman opens front-yard food pantry

Published 12:00 am, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Motorists driving by Katherine Campos’ home in the 100 block of Buffalo Trail off FM 1103 in Cibolo are quick to notice something peculiar in her front yard.

A rectangular, monolithic-looking piece of furniture sits about five feet back from the curb. The words “Food Pantry” adorn one side.

Its two doors latch in front and, when opened, reveal a host of non-perishable food items on several shelves — rice and noodle packets, soups and broths, canned vegetables, and boxed cereals.

All the items in her food pantry, Campos said, are free and available to her friends and neighbors.

“I just felt like I wanted to help out. We had extra, so I just thought, ‘What would be the best way to help?’” said the single mother of one, a former U.S. Army nurse who was medically retired about three years ago.

The idea behind the Neighborhood Food Pantry is simple — share your abundance with others who are less fortunate.

“If someone’s having a tough time, struggling just to get by, then this may help them out,” Campos said. “If there’s that little shortage — if they come get some food and can save a few dollars to pay a bill or something, then it’s helping them get by.”

Campos ran the idea past Cibolo city administrators to make sure her effort would not violate any city codes or offend neighbors. “The city said there was no problem, as long as it was on my property,” she said.

Campos distributed a Neighborhood Food Pantry flier so people would know of her efforts.

“We have started a free food pantry to help our neighbors in need,” the flier stated. “We are asking neighbors who have enough to share, to please donate nonperishable food items. For those who need help feeding their families, please feel free to take what you need from the pantry. There is no cost to take items. We only ask that everyone respect their…

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