Card skimmer found on Rock Hill ATM, police say

by: Ken Lemon

ROCK HILL, N.C. – Police are warning people to watch their bank accounts after a card skimmer was discovered in Rock Hill.

Bank employees discovered the device Sunday at the ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union ATM on Celanese Road near the Home Depot shopping center, then called police.

An unknown amount of ATM users may be impacted by the skimmer, according to the police report.

Customers swipe cards and enter PIN codes, and the information is captured so that thieves can fraudulently use cards anywhere.

Customer Bob Parker said situations like this are why he hasn’t used and ATM in a decade.

“So callous and so uncaring, and so selfish to steal from other people,” Parker said. “People out there have learned how to abuse the wonderful gifts that we have been given through technology.”

A spokesperson for the bank said they are also studying to stay one step ahead of the skimmers.

“We are watching everything continually,” APFCU spokeswoman Felicia Pope said.

She said they are constantly updating their ATMs, but couldn’t reveal how.

Those updates, she said, detected the attempted fraud Sunday morning.

“In cyber security and everything happening, we beefed up everything more, and more, and more,” said Pope.

Thieves who use skimmers often target…

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