Camel Milk Cooperative Brings Camel Milk to the Masses

Milk from the happiest camels in the world.

Quietly, slowly, but undeniably, a new dairy industry has emerged in America. It’s producing the most desirable milk in the world—pure camel milk. Scientifically touted for its unique health and vitamin properties, the milk’s allergen-free reputation has created a market for milk from American camels. Now, the Camel Milk Cooperative is selling Grade A pure camel milk through their new farm-to-consumer website The Florida-based company is poised to be the leading distributor of US camel milk, the finest farmer-produced camel milk in the world.

“Camel milk is not another rushed “me too” alternative milk made of nuts, soy, hemp or coconut. People want real milk they can trust without all the turn-off factors behind cow milk or goat milk,” says Robb Heering, an attorney and businessman whose rescue of a baby camel inspired his four sons to join the effort. “We learned the many tremendous benefits of camel milk and saw the camel dairy farmers weren’t getting the returns their hard labor warranted. They don’t have time for websites and marketing but prior middlemen hadn’t created equitable circumstances. We’ve now created a better marketing platform for their products and developed a list of industry best practices to assist our farmers to grow their businesses. We only work with USDA Grade A certified camel dairies who subscribe to our higher standards.”

Wanting a strong experienced voice to explain camel milk to consumers, the Cooperative sought the help of Christina Adams, an author, award-winning writer and well-known thought leader in camel milk. Now the Chief Consumer Advocate for the Camel Milk Cooperative, Christina’s…

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