Californians happy with state government, hate D.C.

Californians approve of Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature while overwhelmingly disapproving of President Donald Trump and Congress, according to the latest survey from the Public Policy Institute of California.

Unfortunately, PPIC’s regional breakdown lumps together Orange and San Diego counties, so we don’t get a clear view of what folks think in our county. As I’ll get into momentarily, the two counties are politically distinct from one another.

Brown got the highest approval ratings of the politicians, 58 percent from all adults polled. Respondents’ own representatives in the state Legislature rated 53 percent, the state Legislature overall got 51 percent and respondents’ congressional representatives scored 51 percent.

The Republican Congress overall came in at a dismal 36 percent and Trump got the thumbs up from just 31 percent – considerably lower than Gallup’s poll showing Trump at 42 percent nationwide. The most recent numbers of this famously Democratic state show voter registration at 45 percent Democrat and 26 percent Republican.

Fifty-five percent of PPIC respondents said the state is going in the right direction. The same portion think local and state taxes are fair, while 42 percent said they weren’t fair.

The combined tally of Orange and San Diego counties was nearly identical to the statewide numbers. But Republicans have a 4-percentage point edge in Orange County while Democrats have a 6-point advantage in San Diego County. That 10-point partisan difference between the two mean that Orange County is probably less approving of Brown and more approving of Trump than the statewide or regional numbers indicate.

On the other hand, Orange County is following San Diego’s lead of turning from red to blue. At the outset of 2000, San Diego Republicans had a 6-point advantage in voter registration and were surpassed by Democrats in late 2008. In 2000, Orange County Republicans had a 17-point advantage and it’s…

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