Bonsignore: Raiders owner Mark Davis, Las Vegas changed forever with NFL’s decision

PHOENIX – The two hours that NFL owners needed Monday to approve the Oakland Raiders’ relocation bid to Las Vegas would barely cover half of an average game.

But in impact, the relative blink of an eye it took to finalize the future of the Raiders was as monumental as any the league has seen in years.

By emphatically approving the move, NFL owners accepted Raiders owner Mark Davis into the family as a made man.

In an era in which securing local stadium deals is growing harder and harder, Davis delivered to his colleagues a deal so compelling they couldn’t refuse.

It’s never been as good as the $750 million Davis and the Raiders fetched from Nevada to help pay for the $1.9 billion stadium they’ll christen in 2020.

It’s doubtful it’ll ever be that good again.

And it was Mark Davis, of all people, who made it happen.

Any remaining doubts that the son of the late, great Al Davis could be his own man, forge his own way and be an asset to the NFL rather than a liability completely vanished in a sweeping 31-1 show of support by fellow owners. And in the process, it gave him a major push in terms of profitability and the ability to compete financially with other owners who are able to tap into the various revenue streams that come with new state-of-the-art facilities.

“We feel it will lead to a more stable franchise,” Houston Texans over Bob McNair said.

Added Patriots owner Robert Kraft: “Since I’ve come in, they’ve been at the bottom of the league in terms of revenue, which I think has made it difficult for them to do everything they’ve wanted to do for their football operations. I think now they have an opportunity to be a very strong vibrant team.”

And with an owner no longer on the fringe. Mark Davis was officially welcomed into the family Monday. And as he peeks ahead, instead of stadium and financial uncertainty he sees a chance to restore the Raiders as an NFL force while operating on a even fiscal playing field.

“My father always…

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