Bonsignore: A Q&A with new Rams coach Sean McVay

PHOENIX – At 31 years old, Sean McVay is the youngest head coach in NFL history, and this week he attended his first league meeting at the head of an NFL team. The new Rams coach talked about the experience, the transition to Los Angeles and the vision he sold to the Rams in a wide-ranging interviews Wednesday as the NFL wrapped up is spring meetings.

Q. What’s it like experiencing a league meeting when just a few years ago you were in college?

A. It’s surreal and it’s very humbling and you reflect back on how appreciative you are to a lot of the people that were willing to invest in me. You’re also aware of (the benefit) of timing. I was walking over this morning with Dirk Koetter and just thinking back to finishing up at Miami of Ohio and getting a chance to get into coaching at the NFL level where Coach (Jon) Gruden hires me on in Tampa. I was fortunate where you don’t have to go through some of those routes where you’re a GA in college. So that’s where you’re so appreciative. Being around good people played a huge role in why I’m in the role I am right now.

Q. At what point last season did becoming a head coach become a serious possibility?

A. I think as soon as we lost to the Giants, and (his agent) Bob LaMonte calls me and he says, “The L.A. Rams and the 49ers want to talk to you.” I said, “Oh my God, you got to be kidding me. I’m still getting over not getting that thing done on that Sunday afternoon.” But that was immediately when it starts. You always try to set your goals in alignment and you want to make sure that when the opportunity presents itself you’re ready to attack it and go compete for the job. And that was what was exciting about it. Even getting into, when you get on board with Bob LaMonte, he’s got a great program where they kind of, in essence, help you prepare for these interviews. And that’s something that goes back to when you’re on the radar, where you might potentially get those opportunities, so…

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