Black Rhino Truck Wheels Introduces the Diamante

Black Rhino Truck Wheels – the Diamante

A symmetrically brutal geometric style that increases the ruggedness factor.

Black Rhino Wheels has achieved renown as a manufacturer of heavy duty alloy wheels engineered for the muscular trucks and SUVs preferred by off road enthusiasts. Black Rhino offers a range of diverse, striking and often quite over-sized wheels sought by truckers more at home in the urban jungle.

The company’s new wheel design for 2017 includes the Diamante – available in variations to appeal to both segments as well as the highly popular new Cross Over Utility Vehicle (CUV) segment.

The Black Rhino Diamante is a hard-as-diamond design in the world of off road wheels. “It’s a fresh take on the outer ring that shows a symmetrically brutal geometric style that increases the ruggedness factor,” says John Narciso, wheel designer for Black Rhino. “Ten pentagons leading the spokes are extruded within the wheel barrels lip, giving the Diamante a hard-geared mechanical toughness.” This is one of the first Black Rhino mesh type wheel constructions and the Diamante was designed to emanate the strong attitude of the brand. The designers wanted to focus on designing a wheel that would acclaim the natural strength of the mesh.

Its multi-dimensional look sets it apart from standard truck wheels. The precision geometry and strong visual tension are complemented by the contrasting dark matte tint. Up close or far away, truck fanatics will get a very unique custom off road wheel style that shows a contemporary and purposeful look.

Catering to such a broad swath of the truck and SUV wheel marketplace requires that Diamante truck rims be available in a wide range of sizes and in precision fitments to fit all the most popular…

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