Readers react to Bill Cosby’s mistrial.

Letter to the editor:

Camille Cosby’s post-trial statement was highly inappropriate, insensitive and deeply disturbing. She criticized the district attorney for being “heinously and exploitively ambitious,” called the judge “overtly arrogant,” the counsels for the accusers “totally unethical,” and the news media “blatantly vicious” in disseminating falsehoods to create sensationalism.

In fact, Camille criticized everyone but the one who deserved it the most — her own husband. Mrs. Cosby is either deeply mentally disturbed, hopelessly out of touch with reality, in a serious state of denial or an unabashed enabler. As Jack Nicholson once said in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth,” Mrs. Cosby.

Showing no empathy at all for her husband’s possible victims, and instead deciding to defend a deeply flawed person who doesn’t deserve any defending, is pathetic. Just because there was a mistrial does not mean Bill Cosby was vindicated. I think Cosby is a scoundrel and a lifelong philanderer. He shamefully used his celebrity status and guise as a mentor to attract women and carry extramarital affairs much of his adult life — not to mention his use of drugs to take advantage of unsuspecting women. The only place Cosby belongs is behind bars. He is a sexual predator of the worst kind. Hopefully, the jurors in his second trial will see the light.

Kenneth Zimmerman; Huntington Beach, Calif.

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What a big waste of time this trial was. Was this a case of real sexual assault by a perverted predator, or simply a bunch of leeches climbing on what they had hoped would be a money train? We may never know.

— Mark McKee

Celebrity worship prevails over justice. No surprise…