Beauty firm Smith and Cult sparks outrage with its ‘offensive’ and ‘totally unacceptable’ eyeliner name


The make-up brand said it “chooses its shade names based on experiences or memories”

A BEAUTY brand has been slammed by fans for its “offensive” and “totally unacceptable” eyeliner name.

Smith and Cult, which was founded by American Dineh Mohajer – the brains behind hit 90s make-up label Hard Candy – is stocking an eyeliner in the UK called Wax Spastic.

YouTube star Talonted Lex shared a photograph of the product on Twitter, and wrote: “How many people saw and approved the name ‘Wax Spastic’ for your new eyeliner, @SmithandCult? Genuinely stunned.”

While the term is often used as slang for clumsiness in the US, it has derogatory meaning in Britain and has been erased from popular culture.

A BBC survey in 2003 found that “spastic” was the second most offensive term in the UK relating to a disability.

Social media users were stunned by the make-up moniker and aired their views on Twitter.

@poppyshakes commented: “Totally unacceptable”, while @Ellayanor wrote: “Trying to be ‘edgy’ and just hitting offensive I guess. Shame.”

@Life_BreakDown said: “That is absolute madness.. Who thinks that is OK to use?!”

@vodkaangel22 said: “That’s seriously wrong.”

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