AutoPets™, Manufacturer of the Litter-Robot®, Launches New Product

It’s really about the customer getting a great product on their terms.

AutoPets, manufacturer of the famous Litter-Robot, is excited to announce the launch of, a new subscription litter service that delivers premium, all natural clay clumping litter to homes, shelters, veterinarians, and “catfés” across the United States. litter is just one ingredient, sodium bentonite, from the plains of Wyoming. This special type of clay exists almost exclusively in the area surrounding the company’s 29,000-acre, third generation ranch, giving access to the best raw material for high-quality clay clumping litter. It naturally exhibits the scent-trapping properties of baking soda, so there’s no need to add chemicals or perfumes, and its superior ability to absorb liquids and sequester odor allows it to clump quickly and tightly, making it ideal for cat litter.

Careful production methods, including slowly sun-drying the clay and sifting it for uniform granule size, preserve and optimize the clay’s natural characteristics. The result is a virtually dust-free, silky-soft, low-tracking, hypoallergenic litter that cats (and cat parents) love. It works ideally in traditional and automatic litter boxes, and won’t create a plume of dust when agitated. litter is produced according to the principles of conservation and environmental stewardship. From a unique sun-drying process, to heating the facility with renewable energy, to back-filling the land with nutrient-rich soil to encourage native plant growth, champions environmental sustainability throughout production.

“It’s really about the customer getting a great product on their terms,”…

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