Arkansas could be kicked out of the SEC if this keeps up

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Greg Sankey isn’t one to go diving into other people’s affairs. The SEC commissioner hasn’t shown himself to be one who interjects himself into political discourse.

Tuesday, however, because he did, you get the impression things must be serious.

Sankey had a statement Tuesday about HB 1249, the Arkansas bill recently passed that would allow concealed firearms inside state university athletic venues (among other places). The Arkansas state senate passed an exemption to the bill last week that would remove places like Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium from having to allow guns, but the measure still must be passed by the Arkansas House and then signed by governor Asa Hutchinson.

It’s been almost a week and nothing yet.

Although a week isn’t all that long in political time, Sankey thought it prudent to provide an official statement from the league. It isn’t a statement proponents of allowing guns inside DWRRS and the like will enjoy.

The University of Arkansas is a valued member of the Southeastern Conference and has a long history of working with public safety officials to provide a safe environment for intercollegiate athletic competition.

It is our desire to see athletic events and sports venues exempted from HB 1249.

Low-key: Sounds like Sankey is telling Arkansas, the state of, to fix things or Arkansas, the university of, might not be in the SEC for too much longer. It’s like that thing when a general manager is talking about a coach on the hot seat: “We value the work so-and-so has put into this organization.” Everyone rolls their eyes.

But good for some entity associated with Arkansas athletics to take a stand. Still not a word or peep from the athletic department at…

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