Application of advanced technology has eliminated uncertainties out of oil and gas exploration process

Natural gas and petroleum deposits remain hidden deep inside earth’s crust. So tracing these natural reserves is quite a complicated process which demands involvement of advanced technology at every step.

Uncertainties which used to mar the oil and gas exploration sector have been taken care of in recent times. With successful application of innovative techniques, it has now become easier to carry out the drilling after accurately tracing the hidden reserve. This was not the scenario even few years back when companies had to conduct the exploration process in quite a crude manner, based on surface evidences only.

The exploration scenario has improved for better in the United States over past few years. This is because the country aims to achieve self dependency in the energy sector. Thus the USA government has also announced special steps and incentives to speed up the drilling process. A more industry-friendly approach has encouraged several production companies to come forward with their exploration programs concentrating in and around Texas.

There are companies like Breitling Oil & Gas which have experienced remarkable success within limited time, only because of their precise application of cutting edge technology. They have successfully modified the seismology technique by introducing 3-D & 4-D seismic imaging concept. This has allowed better interpretation of seismic waves thus resulting in accurate determination of the nature of rock formation. Such advanced technology helps in keeping expenses down by utilizing manpower and other resources economically.

Many companies based in US have taken the help of fracturing to ensure a positive outcome. This is a unique technique according to which a fluid containing sand, water and few additives are pumped into the well. The high pressure helps in creating fracture or fissure in underground rock formation, thus helping oil or natural gas to flow back to the wellbore. While this process is quite effective and…

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