Among campaign promises, killing IRS a keeper

What’s the most intelligent promise made to voters during this presidential campaign?

Some may point to Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Let’s just say this about that: It won’t happen and probably shouldn’t. It’s a dumb idea. There’s got to be a better way to secure the borders, and certainly a less offensive way.

How about eliminating the lure of free stuff on our side of the border? If illegally crossing the border meant prison time if caught or living without food stamps, without subsidized housing, without free health care and without free education, but living with certain unemployment, the flood of humanity crossing the border would diminish to a trickle.

Some may single out Bernie Sanders’ promise to make college tuition-free as the most intelligent campaign promise. But, likewise, that’s not going to happen. It ignores reality. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or free college tuition. Sanders’ idea isn’t merely dumb, it’s preposterous. It makes no sense. Someone will pay, if not the students who benefit, then taxpayers, who may or may not benefit.

College professors don’t work for free. Classroom lights come with electric bills. Someone must foot the bill. It’s charitable to call it a dumb idea. To promise “free” college is disingenuous. In the real world, that’s false advertising, a criminal misrepresentation.

Here’s a vote for most intelligent campaign promise: Ted Cruz’s vow to abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

Unlike Trump’s wall-building and Sanders’ college freebies, Cruz’s promise can, and should, happen. It makes sense.

For the best evidence that abolishing the tax beast is the best option, just look at attempts to “fix” it. Tweaking the tax code has only complicated it, increasing its inequity, favoring those who can influence those doing the tweaking, at the expense of those with less political pull. Over the past decade,…

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