If you’re someone who suffers through spring allergy season, now’s the time to begin thinking about how to head off the misery.
Darla Carter/Wochit

Seasonal allergies got you in a funk? You’re not the only one.

Louisville has consistently been ranked as one of the worst cities in the nation for seasonal allergies from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

And with springtime here, how can you tell when your allergies will act up?

One way is to look at the daily pollen index., which gives a daily allergy report by zip code, ranked Wednesday’s pollen count as high and listed the top allergens in the area as maple, elm and juniper trees. You could find out this information every day if you wanted.

But other than following the weather and preparing for allergies with your own remedies, below are a few other suggestions to make sure your allergies don’t get worse.

1. Take off your shoes

If you’re outside on a day when there’s a high pollen count, chances are it will stick to you. Take off your shoes once you get into the house to avoid tracking pollen into different rooms, Everyday Health recommends.

2. Relieve stress

We all have it. And it’s making your allergies worse because stress hormones can stimulate the production of blood proteins, that cause allergic reactions, according to Give yourself some relief by getting enough sleep, the website recommends.

3. Put down that drink

Consuming beer, wine and liquor could also be contributing to your sniffles. Alcohol contains histamine – produced during the fermentation process – that is the chemical that sets off allergy symptoms. Sulfites in wine and beer can also trigger allergy-like symptoms,