Advice on how to showcase your precious memorabilia

Whichever way you look at it memorabilia is  big business.  There are tens of thousands of people who collect all types of memorabilia, which include sporting memorabilia, music and war related items. These collectors can be split into two categories; one half collects the memorabilia as  a hobby and to collect items that bring back good memories, or strong memories of time passed.  This can be a great hobby although sometimes quite expensive. The other half of collectors are ones that collect only for future profit and only buy memorabilia that they believe will increase in value the longer they have it. These people often become traders in memorabilia and have their own shops and websites to re sell their items.

If you are a collector for personal reasons then it is often a great idea to have your items picture framed. Of course some items are too large to be framed and hung on a wall as the item needs to be secured to back of the picture mount. If the item is too heavy then gravity depicts that over time the item is likely to dislodge and could damage when it drops inside the frame. Another negative of picture framing your memorabilia is that if you do not use a method that is non destructive you can damage the item rendering it worthless so that if you ever wanted to resell the item it would, at best be very difficult to get a fair price as the item would be damaged.

Some large items can be placed in a floor mounted box with a sliding glass partition which will keep the item safe but make sure that you use safety glass because the item will be at a low level and could be dangerous if someone fell on top of it. Another thing to keep in mind is often a good idea to use a glass with UV protection. This will cut out the harmful bleaching UV rays from the sun that will damage the item. Any items that you believe are light enough to be wall mounted in a picture frame should be professionally framed and you must ensure, as mentioned before, to use non…

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