Advantage of using Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration Software

IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook- Every time, the conversation goes on Microsoft Outlook email client and IBM Lotus Notes then, a lot of points come out. The discussion on these two email clients is everlasting. Both are universally used by big business organizations and such organizations usually get the need to transfer database between them. We have filtered some of the suggestions of experts, which relate with the topic why business user’s switch to MS Outlook from IBM Lotus Notes and here is a glance at all those points:

1. Expert advice from a huge IT company: “If anyone wants to save lots of money, which a user would be bound to spend on the maintenance on IBM Lotus Notes then, he must choose Microsoft Outlook email client because IBM Lotus Notes needs very high maintenance cost. As compare to Notes, the running cost of Microsoft Outlook is very less”.

2. Expert advice from a midlevel company: “If you want that consultants for your email platform should be hired at reasonable prices and support for all queries should be obtainable easily for you then you must select Microsoft Outlook. User can get free online support for all his queries easily from Microsoft Support website”.

3. Expert advice from a small IT company:  “If you want to save the price of former trainings then, you must choose only Microsoft Outlook. Before bringing anyone in the usage of Lotus Notes, the Lotus Notes user has to supply an unusual training to that user and there is nothing like that in Microsoft Outlook. Its usage is very simple, easy-to-comprehend and understandable”.

4. Expert advice from an individual: “If you want to know an easy and graphical interface then Microsoft Outlook is the right choice. The interface of Lotus Notes is complicated; you can take the example of Outlook 97. In all recent versions of Outlook including Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, you get trouble-free and graphical interface. Superior interface helps in maintaining…

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