A Holistic Approach to Wellness – Physical Well-being

The holistic approach to mental health is not particularly main stream. There are certain counseling systems which encourage compassion to the self, and use alternative yet effective methods that are natural and true to the self, such as the use of neurolinguistic programming experts and meditation. The books on mental illness and counseling that you’ll find in most mainstream stores will not contain advice from neurolinguistic programming experts, and they will not contain mindfulness meditations as a main way to overcome emotional struggle. There is, however, astounding value in simple mindfulness. This article will explain.

In order to overcome your emotional unrest, mindfulness is a gateway into engaging with the external world—the area that you have neglected, the area that includes your body, and your physical belongings. Most people who are suffering from mental illnesses are stuck firmly in an unanchored world of ambiguity, emotion, regret, worry, shame, frustration, racing thoughts, ideas of the past and the future. They are not in the present moment, and they are consistently sucked into their minds. However, with mindfulness, the patient is encouraged to stop the incessant thinking and to simply take care of his or her environment. Be mindful of eating. Mindful and slow with how you walk, what you wear, and how you put away your clothes. Most likely your physical body and life will be in disarray because they have been neglected for a long time, as your mind has been getting most of the attention.

Additionally, when the thoughts that are going through your mind are not helpful or positive, you will have been contributing to raised blood pressure, tense muscles, grinding teeth, slumping shoulders, collapsing lungs, shallow breathing, mindless eating, and more physically undesirable and harmful habits and states of being. Books on mental illness and counseling will address these issues by trying to analyze your mind and get you to talk more about…

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