A Fresh Take on Hydroponic Food Gardening From Aeroasis

Oasis Mini Smart Garden

Oasis Mini is the highest yielding three chamber Smart Garden of its size and is the ultimate food gardening solution for any home or local restaurant.

Aeroasis, the company behind Oasis Mini, has been developing their technology for the last two years and has arrived at a product solution that looks great in any home or public space. Oasis Mini is incredibly easy to use and requires almost no maintenance or gardening experience.

The idea for Oasis Mini began as a project by a young, innovative college student named Thomas Wollenberger as a way to grow his own food. He quickly saw the potential for his project to evolve into a product solution with universal applications. His simple yet effective DIY systems went through years of testing, and he eventually arrived at the final design that has become Oasis Mini.

Oasis Mini provides a wide array of benefits to the user in four major categories:


  • Saves up to 90% of the water used in any traditional outdoor garden
  • Uses very little energy to keep plants happy and thriving
  • Eliminates the need for harmful pesticides that can pollute rivers and soil


  • Less money spent overall keeping plants alive and pest-free
  • Save money on weekly grocery bills while eating better than ever
  • Grow specialty crops that would normally be incredibly expensive during certain times of the year or in certain regions that import most of their food


  • Living in close proximity to a vibrant garden is proven to boost mood and focus
  • Be a part of a growth process that rewards the user with the freshest food possible, making them feel truly good about what they eat and connected to the plants they grow
  • Absence of pesticides can reduce the mental impact…

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