A Father’s Day tribute: Dad-tales from the CBC Saskatchewan, CBC Saskatoon staff – Saskatoon

Special occasions like Father’s Day are always made more memorable with special stories.

Here are some of our favourite dad-tales as told on CBC Radio’s Saskatchewan Weekend by some of the weekend staff.

‘Mushy tough guy’

Alex Soloducha, CBC Saskatchewan reporter and web writer, describes her dad, Patrick, as “a mushy tough guy.”

“One of my favourite things about my dad is how sentimental he is — it’s just so adorable. You can always count on him being the one tearing up in the cutest moments,” she explained. 

Alex Soloducha (left), CBC Saskatchewan reporter and web writer, says her favourite thing about her dad Patrick is how sentimental he is. (Submitted by CBC’s Alex Soloducha)

She said there was a recent moment in particular that sticks out in her mind: it all started when her sister Sarah texted her about watching television with their father.

“This toilet paper commercial comes on where a single dad is making his daughter feel better and dabbing her tears with toilet paper throughout her life — like her getting ditched at prom and all these things — and then [my sister] looks over, and my dad is just crying,” Soloducha said.

“That was just something you could rely on for my dad was just crying over all the cutest things.”

‘My dad souped-up my sweet 1996 Sunfire’

Stephanie Taylor, CBC Saskatchewan reporter and web writer, says her step-dad, Dan, was the reason why she wasn’t stranded for most of her early 20s.

“My [stepdad] is the type of guy who is there for you whenever you need him — not just emotionally to talk — in terms of physical work and helping you out when you’re in a pickle.”

‘He just belted the entire thing and would, like, modulate his voice and like try to go Mariah Carey levels.’
– Alec Salloum

She said a story that she remembers most, was a time when she got very first car: a two-door, 1996 Pontiac Sunfire with a spoiler.

She noted that he…

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