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The 911 Dispatch Center’a new computer assisted dispatch system is now slated to go online in September.

Director Jerry Bird told the 911 Board of Directors on Thursday that dispatchers have completed training on the new CAD system. Information from the Greeneville Fire Department, along with city and county law enforcement agencies, is still being logged into the CAD database.

“I’m shooting for Sept. 1 to get this all entered in. It’s a hopeful scenario,” Bird said. “There’s a few more steps involved.”

The CAD system will vastly improve interagency communications. It will link the Greeneville Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Department and Greene County 911 Dispatch.

Training of 911 dispatchers on the new system by CAD system provider TriTech Software Systems was recently completed, Bird said.

“I want to get online as soon as we can,” Bird said.

Stewart Cowles, system administrator of the Greeneville Police Department, is CAD project lead.

The new software, known as VisionCAD, will replace the obsolete 1990s-era software currently in use in use at 911 Dispatch. The Cisco system in use is the same system used by the Greeneville Police Department until three years ago, when VisionCAD was installed.

{p class=”p1”}Cisco is “hard to keep online and working with modern systems. They currently experience freezes and shutdowns on a regular basis,” Cowles recently said.

The software in use by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, known as SOMS, is also “very antiquated,” Cowles said in a recent interview.

When the system goes online, there will be a fiber link between the Greeneville Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Department and 911 Dispatch, creating a more efficient communications system and allowing for faster response times.

When the CAD system first goes online, 911 will continue…

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