9 of the best films we saw at BFI Flare

As one of the world’s greatest LGBT film festivals wraps up for another year, here are just a few of the amazing movies and documentaries they showcased. Some will be going on general release in a cinema near you, others are available to download and stream anytime, while others still need your support to get out there. 

Here are my top picks from BFI Flare 2017:

Pushing dead 

Pushing Dead is a comedy about AIDS. Yes. Seriously. And it’s utterly hilarious. From the excellent Tom E. Brown, this utterly delightful and brilliantly funny comedy will have you laughing from the get-go, while simultaneously telling the story of living and finding love with HIV. 

Failing writer Dan (James Roday) struggles to stay on top of his insurance bills to pay for the drugs that have helped manage his HIV for the past 20 years. His flatmate/live in masseuse Paula (Robin Weigert) and boss/father figure Bob (Danny Glover) are his small, equally flawed, but loving support circle while he copes with a dead on arrival love life and failing career trajectory. None of that screams comedy gold, but I kid you not, it works and it works beautifully. In the first five minutes alone, as Paula rushes Dan to the hospital writhing in pain in the back of her car, Pushing Dead breezes by the ‘three laugh test’ easily. Throw in a creepy monkey, an unblinking little girl who mystically appears quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt and a mugging and you have one of the most charming comedies I’ve seen in years. 

The characters are believable, lovable and unforgettable, while the universe Brown has created (filled with equally funny TV shows and adverts) only endear this wonderful movie even more. If you get any opportunity to catch it, do so without delay.

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This film utterly blew me away – it’s one of the most emotionally hard-hitting movies of the festival and the tension during the majority of its scenes pins you to your seat in the most…

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