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We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: feminism is going to go down in history as one of the most misunderstood words of the 21st century. Despite being a very simple fight for equality, there have been various misinterpretations of the word, so much so that it lead to a completely new term, “feminazis”, which is now used to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with your idea of an “ideal” feminist. The problem with this is that most people’s idea of feminism is flawed, and we need to be aggressive in this fight if we want people to hear us. So, rather than simply rolling your eyes when we call you out on your sexist jokes, or your lame stereotypes, here’s a clear guideline once and for all. Assuming that you know what feminism is (here look it up once more just to be sure) , here are seven stereotypes we want to bust, in the hopes that this helps do away with all the misunderstood tropes of feminism.

1. No, we don’t hate men

This need to be the tagline of the feminist movement, we feel. Each time you tell men that you are a feminist, it is invariably followed by a raised eyebrow and a dumb, “Oh so you hate men (and me)?” ARGHHH! No! Repeat after us: feminists don’t hate anyone, they only want to stop oppression of women and be given an equal chance, like men.

Let’s do this one more time. Stop making everything about yourself (you’ve been doing it for millennia anyway)!

2. No, we don’t hate women

As stupid as it seems to type this out, there are a whole bunch of misinformed people who seem think that we hate women who love pink, who apply make-up, who giggle, and who generally be themselves. No we aren’t here to hate ANYONE.

3. No, we don’t hate people who don’t agree with us

Because we are fighting for equality, we are more than happy to let people live their lives on their own terms without us putting up a set of rules and expecting everyone to fall in line. That’s what we are fighting against, duh!

4. No, we aren’t fighting to be superior

EQUAL that’s…

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