6 Tips on how to keep your home clean on budget

It’s not easy cleaning your home with all the clutter – especially if you have a big house and you don’t have the services of a house help. It’s even harder to clean your home on a budget. But if you follow these simple tips and instructions, you’d be on your way to sweep home at less of your average price.

Here are ways to have a budget friendly home cleaning.

1. Use plain water or dish soap- There are lots of uses of dish soap. It can be a surface spray, vegetables and fruit wash, a window cleaner or a laundry or a carpet stain remover and this is used for cleaning most of the surfaces in your home. So instead of using that expensive and sometimes strong scent of a specialty cleaner, use a dish soap which is a milder choice and gives you that clean surface you deserve. Definitely this is used to take away all those germs and keep your glass looking clean as ever.

2. Use light bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs- These may actually be a lot more expensive than your average incandescent bulbs but it does use 2/3 of energy to give you that same light. In the long run, this reduces your bills to half and makes spring cleaning a tad bit easier. Plus, this is highly beneficial to the environment because it prevents 90 billion pounds of gas emissions from power plants – an equivalent to taking out 7.5 million cars on the road.

3. Do a little bit of cleaning daily- When you clean your house every day and little by little, the stains won’t accumulate and therefore, you are able to clean the grease as easily as you can. When you let it gather for days, it’s harder to get out and therefore, you might be compelled to buy a more expensive soap or cleaning wash. This, in fact, makes it budget friendly. Home cleaning, therefore, should not be as expensive as you might think.

4. Look for store brands- Try to stay away from the brands that you are accustomed to as this is indeed more expensive. To make it budget friendly, home cleaning also gives you the option of…

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