From burgers to smoothies, you can get it all by right to your doorstep.
Wochit | Sarah Griesemer

It is easy to get into a rut in the kitchen.

From breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks, we need to mix things up. Meal-kit services are so popular these days, so we wondered – what else could be delivered to our door?

We shopped around and narrowed the (many!) choices down to these five companies, which specialize in make-at-home smoothies, wine by the glass, international snacks, creative burgers, and Italian foods. Read on to find out what we thought.


What it is: GreenBlender says they take all the hard stuff out of smoothie making (planning, shopping, measuring) and leave you with the best parts (blending and drinking). All the fresh ingredients for making five 2-serving smoothies are included in each box, with directions.

How it works: Each week, you’ll get 5 new smoothie recipes and all the pre-portioned ingredients you’ll need to make 10 smoothies. The recipes are handcrafted to ensure they’re packed with flavor and nutrients. They say they only use the best produce and superfoods, and focus on working with organic and local farms.

Who it’s good for: You like smoothies but hate buying all the veggies, fruit, herbs and other ingredients? This is for you.

What we like: You don’t have to buy a whole bag of kale for one smoothie — just the right amount is sent to you. You get lots of variety and will get ingredients you never thought to try, but will love. And it makes it easy to whip up something healthy — and delicious.

What we wish was different: It’s easy, but still requires prep time, chopping a little. And we recommend freezing that banana and fruit after it is delivered, so your smoothie is nice and creamy and frothy.

How to get it: Visit There are different subscription plans, with a weekly plan of 5 smoothies (10 servings) for $49.



What it is: Vinebox is a wine-by-the-glass subscription service. Vinebox was founded by Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky who wanted to find a way to bring sampling of small, European wine producers to the masses. They use a closed-nitrogen environment to prevent the wines from ever coming in contact with oxygen. The use of inert gas allows the wines to maintain their complete bouquet, flavor profile and mouthfeel throughout the fractionation process. Once the wine settles in its new home, it’s stable with no flaws, for up to three years.

How it works: Three wines (glass-size servings) are delivered every month. This is not your standard wine club; it’s a new way to get wine. Pricing is $25/month (for annual subscription). The wine comes in large, sealed test-tube like containers.You also can select to…