4 Questions spine surgeons hope patients ask before surgery

As a doctor, our goal is to help patients get back to a pre-injury state or to help manage a condition so that a person can live life to the fullest. But we can only do so much. Patients need to put the work in on their end as well if they want to experience the best results from medical treatment.

Any doctor or surgeon will tell you that their favorite patients are the ones who are invested in their health and recovery. In fact, doctors usually have a pretty accurate idea of how well rehab and recovery will go even before the patient goes under the knife. They know this by looking at the patient’s medical history and by weighing expected surgical outcomes, but they also do this by seeing what type of questions the patient asks prior to surgery. The more they are interested in surgical prep, the actual procedure and their rehab, the more likely they are to follow our instructions and experience better results. If a patient asks some or all of the following questions, there’s a good chance they will put themselves in the best position to recover after an operation.


The Four Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor


If you’re a patient, consider asking some of these questions to your doctor if surgery is in your future.


1. “What can I do before surgery to put myself in the best position to have a successful operation?”


Some patients think their job starts when the surgeon’s job is done, but that’s not the case. If you want to put yourself in the best position to have a successful surgery, talk to your doctors about good habits in the weeks and days leading up to surgery. Odds are exercise and a healthy diet will be recommended, along with surgery-specific tips.


2. “What are all my surgical and non-surgical options, and can you explain them to me?”


This shows that the patient is willing to evaluate all their options and make a decision that is best for them. Sometimes surgery isn’t the best option, while other times…

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