4 Effective and Inexpensive Natural Remedies for Depression

Have you been feeling very down for a long period of time now? Do you feel like ending your life already? If you answered yes to these two questions then there is a great possibility that you are suffering from depression. You are not alone because up to 30 million people suffer from depression annually. Their cases vary from mild to severe depression. Of course, you’ll need to seek for a doctor’s advice and be prescribed with antidepressants. But some people also look for natural remedies for depression because these are the things that work best for them. So if you will be taking medications, it might also be helpful if you’ll try these natural remedies for depression which will be discussed below. These will also be helpful if you do not have much money to go to a doctor. Are you interested? Then just read on.

One of the natural remedies for depression that you can use is exercise. You may not believe it but exercise or any other physical activity is an effective remedy for depression. You can just do brisk walking, go to a gym, go to dance classes or play tennis for at least 30 minutes. It will be better if you do aerobic exercises. Exercising and engaging in physical activities will release helpful chemicals that will elevate your mood. Your stress hormones will also be decreased.

The next one in the natural remedies for depression you can use is eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are good fats that your brain needs in order to function well. These foods are not produced in the body that is why you need to eat foods rich in it. It will be faster to cure depression if you eat foods rich in it while you are taking your medications. Eat fish like salmon, herring and cod which are rich sources of it. If you can’t buy these then just go for sardines and canned tunas. You can also eat soy products and flaxseeds.

Eating lots of foods rich in folic acid is the third natural remedies for depression. Folic acid is a vitamin needed by your body….

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