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25 Cool New Features & Changes Coming in Android O

Google just released the developer preview for Android O, and we’ve already flashed it on every eligible device at our disposal, of course. This new version has plenty of changes in store, ranging from revamped looks to under-the-hood improvements, so there’s tons of cool new stuff to explore.

We’re still not sure about the version number or the official codename, but “Android 8.0 Oreo” sounds like a safe bet at the moment. But while we wait for Google to settle on a dessert and release this version to the public, let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the new features and functionality in Android O.

1. Redesigned Settings Menu

The most obvious visual change is a revamped Settings menu, which features subtle dark gray text on an all-white background. Strangely, the side navigation menu introduced in Android Nougat is gone, but all of the various menus have been reorganized to make the Settings area as simple and straightforward as possible.

2. Revamped File Manager

Android’s built-in file manager isn’t the best on the market, but it’s nice to have a way to browse files without having to install an additional app. Things are looking up, too, as the Files app in Android O got a bit of a makeover. It still hasn’t reached feature parity with apps like Solid Explorer and FX File Manager, but at the very least, it lets you view, delete, and open files.

3. Battery-Saving Background Restrictions

Believe it or not, Android O might finally fix issues with standby battery drain. Doze Mode helped quite a bit in this regard when it was introduced with Marshmallow, then improved upon with Nougat. But now, Google’s tightening the reins on actions that apps can perform in the background.

Background Execution Limits being imposed in Android O will ensure that apps won’t run wild with background services or keep…

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