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Cheapo Travel: 20 things to bring on your trip

Why go shopping? Here are 20 things lying around your house that you should bring on your next vacation. I compiled this list last week, sitting on the porch of my holiday cabana in Costa Rica, looking at the temporary clothesline I’d rigged up with the twine I brought in my suitcase. The key to

Whicker: Love of the game drives Chargers GM Tom Telesco

SAN DIEGO – Tom Telesco started on the bottom floor before he knew it was an analogy. He came to the Carolina Panthers when they were an expansion skeleton. He was an intern, fresh off his receiving career at John Carroll University, unsure of anything except that he wanted to work in the field of

Among campaign promises, killing IRS a keeper

What’s the most intelligent promise made to voters during this presidential campaign? Some may point to Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Let’s just say this about that: It won’t happen and probably shouldn’t. It’s a dumb idea. There’s got to be a better way to secure the

Marla Jo Fisher: I want my dinner parties back

Do you ever watch those TV shows where people have elegant dinner parties with all the china and crystal goblets sparkling, and the wit sparkles too? I used to have those kinds of soirees, albeit on a modest scale. That was before the Northridge Earthquake destroyed all my crystal wine glasses, and that peculiar force