2017 NFL Mock Draft: Browns walk away with best player and QB in draft after trade

There have been reported rumblings about the Browns debating
Myles Garrett
or Mitchell Trubisky at No. 1 overall. Come on. That’s not a debate, not in a league where executives are consistently fired for being aggressive. Bill Belichick can do what he wants because he has tons of job security. The Browns — well, it’s not a secure job.

But Cleveland has put itself in a position to be aggressive in this draft, and in the latest version of my mock (No. 9, one more to go!), it’s going to really shovel the chips in the center and go for the gusto.

For starters, the Browns are taking Garrett. There’s no debate about that. Passing on him and watching him turn into the next
Von Miller
is not an acceptable move, and it will absolutely get you fired. 

But taking some of the capital you have available and packaging it to move up? That’s totally acceptable, and the
San Francisco 49ers
should be a great target for the Browns at No. 2.

For starters, there’s only one position that will guarantee the Browns a chance to get Trubisky and Garrett. Second, the 49ers should want to get out of that position and acquire more picks. The problem is there’s no incentive for other teams to come flying up. They’ll need to take less than “market value” (a.k.a. the Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart) to work a deal. But there’s a package out there that can make this work, especially considering the 49ers have so many needs.

Here’s the deal we’re proposing with the values of Chase Stuart’s Trade Value Chart (a modern twist) and Johnson’s chart next to each one:

Browns get:

  • No. 2 overall pick (30.2 C.S., 2,600 J.J.)

49ers get

  • No. 12 overall pick (18.8, 1,200)
  • No. 33 overall pick (12.3, 580)
  • No. 108 overall pick (4.8, 78)
  • 2018 second-round pick (TBD, TBD)

Now some people will say that’s not enough. That’s fine. But you’re talking about a pair of young (and probably progressive) front offices. There isn’t a huge drop-off from the second pick to the 12th pick in this draft. That No. 33 pick is basically a first-rounder, and it’s a great pick in a deep draft. 

If you hate the trade, just close your eyes, pretend you’re Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch and demand No. 65 overall (third round) from Cleveland instead of No. 108. Chances are they would be willing to do that to walk away with Garrett and Trubiksy. The value at No. 2 just isn’t what the 49ers would want it to be this year, and their roster needs bodies. It makes sense to trade down and the Browns are one of the few franchises who can pull it off. 

Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M: The news that the Browns have turned down offers to trade up for No. 1 overall all but solidifies that the Browns are poised to take Garrett with the top pick. Not that there was ever really any question about it.   

TRADE: 2. Cleveland…

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