2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Busts 1.0

If sleepers and breakouts are the most exciting lists of the offseason, busts may be the most important. 

It’s much easier to lose your league during the draft than win it. Avoiding the players who will cripple Fantasy owners in 2017 is the easiest way to make sure you’ve given yourself a chance to compete. 

I break busts into two categories, players that I think will far under perform their draft position and players who could end up getting cut because they’re irrelevant to Fantasy. I’ve got eight specific bust candidates I’ll be avoiding, and we’ll get to those in a minute. First, a couple of groups of players that are probably best left to your league-mates.

Patriots wide receivers

Before I get all of New England in the comments, let me be clear: The Patriots are the clear favorites to steamroll the league.
Tom Brady
is my No. 1 quarterback. Rob Gronkowksi is my No. 1 tight end. But drafting any of the Patriots receivers is a mistake at their likely cost.

Brandin Cooks
is the leader of the pack and an exceptionally talented wide receiver. He’s also likely a third-round pick and will find his way into the top 15 of many WR rankings lists. That cost is simply too high for me. I broke down the Patriots targets in my expectations piece, and there are likely less than 300 targets for receivers in this offense. I’m not sure how Cooks gets more than 100 of them unless the Patriots completely alter the role and involvement of
Julian Edelman

Speaking of Edelman, even if he keeps his role, it’s almost certainly going to be slightly reduced in the best case scenario. That’s a problem, because for Fantasy purposes he’s a fairly inefficient receiver on a per target basis. Last season he needed 159 targets to be a No. 2 in PPR leagues. A reduction of 20 or 30 targets would be a big deal.


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